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I have to say that was one of the best massages I've ever had. Sometimes when I get massages- I'm a bit ache-y the next day but I actually felt a lot better- I wasn't sore at all. You used some techniques that I haven't experienced before which I like (keeps it interesting, unpredictable). I can't suggest anything as far as your techiques except... don't stop what you're doing! - Stacey
I wanted to let you know the results of your work. Since the massage I’ve been icing and stretching. I have reduced my Motrin intake significantly. I ran 10 miles Sunday and 12 on Tuesday. My hips are the loosest they have been since I began training. The left calf tenderness is gone! Your work was absolutely therapeutic. I would like to see you again before race day. - Michelle
Thank you for checking in....I'm feeling great!! My right shoulder felt just a little tender yesterday, and my body felt looser, but it was goodness, not soreness! Today I don't have any tenderness. The stretches that you did on my arms, back, and legs worked wonders. Thanks again for the amazing work you do!! - Kelly
Just wanted to thank you again for all of the great, relaxing massages you have given through the year. You have a wonderful manner and great style. I feel so incredibly relaxed and "rejuvinated" afterwards! Also, thanks again, for being able to schedule me on such short notices. - John
I absolutely loved the hot stone massage! Yes, it was different than the last one I had. I like your style much better. Guy, I really appreciate your follow-up and your willingness to adapt to styles I like. I very much liked feeling the heat from the stones in the palm of my hands I'm looking forward to seeing you again. As far as soreness goes, are you kidding!? I felt light as a feather after our session and I've been trying to milk that feeling for all it's worth. - Arthur
So I haven't had many massages in my life, but this was definitely a good one. I initially came because I had a severe ankle sprain and wanted to get it massaged along with the rest of my body. So the experience was great, he was able to help my ankle some, but what I loved about it all was that he said my ankle problem was out of his scope and recommended me to a chiropractor that specializes in scar tissue problems. Honest person and good rates. - A LeCritique (Yelp)
Guy Couture gives great massages. He's friendly and makes you feel perfectly comfortable (I had never had a professional massage by a man before). He worked on my shoulder for 6 months, accomodates my restless leg syndrome when I get it, and is always flexible about time. I highly recommend him! Diana (Yelp)

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